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Agricultural Mowers: The Essential Tool for Maintaining Your Land’s Appearance

An agricultural mower is a machine used to cut grass, crops, and other vegetation in farms and fields. It is a very important tool for farmers and landowners who want to keep their land looking nice and make sure their crops grow well.

This article will talk about the different types of agricultural mowers, things to think about when buying one, the best brands and models, and how to keep your agricultural mower in good shape.

Types of Agricultural Mowers

Agricultural mowers come in different types and designs, each tailored for specific farming needs. Here are some of the most common types of agricultural mowers:

Rotary Mowers:

Rotary mowers have a blade that spins and cuts through thick grass, weeds, and hay. This makes them good for cutting large areas of grass, weeds, and hay. They come in different sizes and can be mounted on tractors, ATVs, or as standalone units.

Flail Mowers:

Flail mowers use multiple knives attached to a rotating drum to chop and mulch vegetation, making them ideal for cutting tough grass, weeds, and light brush. They are versatile and can be used on rough terrain, ditches, and slopes.

Sickle Bar Mowers:

Sickle-bar mowers use a reciprocating blade to cut hay and light grass. They are suitable for smaller farming operations and can be mounted on tractors or used as standalone units.

Disc Mowers:

Disc mowers use a series of cutting discs to mow hay and grass. They are popular among farmers who need to harvest large quantities of hay in a short period of time.

Zero-Turn Mowers:

Zero-turn mowers are designed for precision cutting and maneuverability in tight spaces. They have a zero-turn radius, allowing them to turn on the spot, making them ideal for mowing around trees, flower beds, and other obstacles.

Finishing Mowers:

Finishing mowers are designed to give lawns, parks, and sports fields a clean, even cut. They have a rear discharge system that distributes grass clippings evenly.

Rear-Attached Flail Mowers:

Rear-attached flail mowers are designed for compact tractors and use hydraulic power to drive the blades. They are suitable for mowing small fields, orchards, and vineyards.

Overall, the type of agricultural mower you choose will depend on your specific needs, the size of your land, and the type of vegetation you need to cut.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Agricultural Mower

Choosing the right agricultural mower can be hard, but if you think about a few things, it will be easier. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an agricultural mower:

Size of your land:

The size of your land will determine the type of mower you need. For small to medium-sized farms, a sickle bar mower or a rear-attached flail mower may be sufficient. However, for larger farms, a rotary or disc mower may be more appropriate.

Type of vegetation:

The type of vegetation you need to cut will also influence the type of mower you need. For thick grass and brush, a flail mower may be more effective than a rotary mower. For light grass and hay, a sickle bar mower may be sufficient.


The shape of your land is another important thing to think about when choosing an agricultural mower. If your land is hilly or has steep slopes, a flail mower or a zero-turn mower may be more appropriate than a rotary mower.


The horsepower of your tractor or mower will also determine the type of mower you can use. For larger mowers, you’ll need a more powerful tractor to pull them effectively.

Cutting Width:

The cutting width of the mower determines how much area can be covered in a single pass. A larger cutting width means fewer passes, which can save time and increase efficiency.

Durability and Maintenance:

The durability of the mower is also an essential factor to consider. Look for a model with sturdy construction, quality blades, and easy maintenance to ensure your mower lasts for years.


Finally, the price of the mower is a crucial factor to consider. Determine your budget and look for a mower that provides the best value for your money, taking into account factors such as durability, efficiency, and maintenance costs.

By thinking about these things, you can choose the right agricultural mower for your farming needs. This can help you get more done on your farm and make it more productive.

Top Brands and Models of Agricultural Mowers

There are several brands and models of agricultural mowers available on the market, each offering unique features and specifications. Here are some of the top brands and models of agricultural mowers:

John Deere:

John Deere is a leading brand in the agricultural machinery industry, and they offer a wide range of mowers, including rotary, flail, and disc mowers. Their popular models include the 709 and 509 rotary mowers and the 390 and 370 flail mowers.


Kubota is another popular brand that offers a range of mowers, including rotary, flail, and finishing mowers. Their popular models include the ZD1511RL-60R zero-turn mower and the DM1022 disc mower.

New Holland:

New Holland is known for making high-quality farm equipment, and it has a variety of mowers, such as sickle bar, disc, and flail mowers. Their popular models include the H7230 disc mower and the 450 sickle bar mower.

Massey Ferguson:

Massey Ferguson offers a range of mowers, including flail, disc, and finishing mowers. Their popular models include the DM 306 disc mower and the MF DM TL-V flail mower.

Land Pride:

Land Pride offers a wide range of mowers, including rotary, flail, and finishing mowers. Their popular models include the RCR1260 rotary mower and the FDR1660 finishing mower.


Rhino offers a range of rotary and flail mowers for farming operations. Their popular models include the TS12 Stealth rotary mower and the FR180 flail mower.


Woods offers a range of mowers, including rotary, flail, and finishing mowers. Their popular models include the BW12 rotary cutter and the PRD6000 finishing mower.

These are just some of the top brands and models of agricultural mowers available on the market. When choosing a mower, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements to find the best fit for your farming operation.

Tips for Maintaining Your Agricultural Mower

Maintaining your agricultural mower is essential to ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently for a long time. Here are some tips for maintaining your agricultural mower:

Keep the blades sharp: Sharp blades are essential for a clean and precise cut. Dull blades can cause uneven cuts and damage to the mower. It is recommended to sharpen the blades at least once a season, or more frequently if you have a large property.

Check and replace the oil: Check the oil level in your mower regularly, and change the oil as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Dirty or low oil levels can cause damage to the engine and reduce the lifespan of the mower.

Keep the air filter clean: The air filter is an essential component of the mower’s engine. It keeps dust and debris out of the engine, but it can get clogged over time. Clean or replace the air filter as per the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure optimal performance.

Check the belts and pulleys: The belts and pulleys are responsible for powering the blades, and they can wear out over time. Check the belts and pulleys regularly and replace them if they are worn or damaged.

Grease the fittings: Grease the fittings of the mower’s moving parts to reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of the mower. Check the owner’s manual for the recommended greasing schedule.

Clean the deck: Clean the mower deck regularly to remove debris, grass clippings, and dirt. A dirty deck can cause rust and reduce the efficiency of the mower.

Store the mower properly:

Store the mower in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Cover the mower to protect it from dust and debris.

By using these tips, you can make sure your agricultural mower stays in good shape and works well for many years.


In conclusion, an agricultural mower is an essential tool for maintaining farms and fields. The type of mower chosen depends on various factors, such as terrain, vegetation, horsepower, and capacity.

Top brands and models such as John Deere, Kubota, and Mahindra provide a wide variety of options to choose from. Proper maintenance of the mower is crucial for its efficient functioning and durability.

Regular cleaning, blade maintenance, inspection of belts and other components, and proper storage and winterization tips are crucial for maintaining your agricultural mower.

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