Avian Flu in South Africa

Avian Flu: South Africa Faces Chicken and Egg Shortage

The effects of bird flu on the supply chain have caused South African stores to limit the number of eggs that can be bought. Some stores, like Woolworths and Pick n Pay, have stated that they will be limiting the number of eggs they sell. An outbreak of high-pathogenic avian influenza is currently causing a lot of problems in South Africa. This virus spreads quickly and kills a lot of chickens.

Lots of people are worried that there might not be enough chicken meat and eggs because of this spread. Because of big problems with its egg supply, Woolworths has limited each customer to buying only six whole eggs at a time, both in-store and online. They told customers that this would not affect their supply of chicken meat, though, and stressed that this was only a short limit.

In contrast, Pick n Pay does not have any eggs left but is telling customers not to buy too many in a hurry. It’s limited to one or two egg packs per customer, depending on where they live, and they’re telling people to be good shoppers. They are working hard with their sources to keep track of their stock and help places that need it.

Along with Woolworths and Pick n Pay, Shoprite, another big grocery store chain in South Africa, has decided not to limit the number of eggs that can be bought. To get as much stock as possible, they are instead working closely with their sources to get it and then sending it to areas that are running low through their supply chain.

Because of the bird flu spread, Namibia has stopped importing chicken from South Africa during this crises. The South African food industry giant RCL Foods also said that its Rainbow poultry unit had to kill 410,000 chickens, which cost the company a lot of money. The bird flu spread has also caused Quantum Foods and Astral Foods, two companies that sell chicken and eggs, to lose money and face other problems.

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